Deployment Annoyance #3

Puke always happens during a deployment.  Today it was accompanied by red paint on beige carpet, poop, and head injuries.  Eff this shit, man.


Break your damn heart quote of the day

E: Look!  A star!  I get to make a wish.  I wish for my Daddy to come home so we can all be a family again.  Isn’t that a good wish?

Yes it is.

Deployment Annoyance #2

Crappy WiFi means Skype video doesn’t work.  And since pay phones are few and far between these days and cell phones used internationally are freaking expensive, we have to deal with the crappy Skype.

Better than nothing, I suppose.

Deployment Annoyance #1

There is no one to call and say, “Hey, can you pick up some milk on your way home from work?”

There is only you.

So you have to get the milk.  Even if no one got dressed that day so you have to get everyone dressed and it’s 5pm and pouring down rain.

You still have to go get the milk.

Dusting off the old blog

Seems like a good time to pick it all up again, what with tomorrow being 2012.  Let’s start with something easy: Resolutions!



1.  Get to my goal weight and stay there.  (And other, more specific health-related things.)

2.  Build my photography skills and develop my style.

3.  Go to one new restaurant a month.


Kind of attainable, but not probable:

1.  Do more craft projects with the kids.

2.  Purge extra crap and keep the house clean most of the time.

3.  Finish up the half-done projects.


So there they are!  The plan is to cross my fingers and jump in.  I’ll go into more of them individually in the next however long until I get it done.  I’m trying to be realistic because this is me, after all.


Sidenotes:  I did move to my own domain, but then I stopped blogging and it seemed silly to pay for something I wasn’t using, so I just kind of let it die.  Also, I set all of the older posts on this here blog to private since I don’t know what to do with them, but I want to start over.  Seemed like a good plan.