Dusting off the old blog

Seems like a good time to pick it all up again, what with tomorrow being 2012.  Let’s start with something easy: Resolutions!



1.  Get to my goal weight and stay there.  (And other, more specific health-related things.)

2.  Build my photography skills and develop my style.

3.  Go to one new restaurant a month.


Kind of attainable, but not probable:

1.  Do more craft projects with the kids.

2.  Purge extra crap and keep the house clean most of the time.

3.  Finish up the half-done projects.


So there they are!  The plan is to cross my fingers and jump in.  I’ll go into more of them individually in the next however long until I get it done.  I’m trying to be realistic because this is me, after all.


Sidenotes:  I did move to my own domain, but then I stopped blogging and it seemed silly to pay for something I wasn’t using, so I just kind of let it die.  Also, I set all of the older posts on this here blog to private since I don’t know what to do with them, but I want to start over.  Seemed like a good plan.